And Overland Solar Was Born

As a semi-professional camper, I pride myself in finding the most scenic, beautiful, and remote locations. To maintain my self-sustaining adventures off the grid, I experimented with various solar units. After installing a panel on the roof of my camper, I was faced with a major dilemma: park in the blazing sun (sending the internal temperature of my habitat to levels capable of frying an egg), or park in the shade and lose massive amounts of potential energy. There had to be a solution.


I thought about generators, but prefer to avoid the noisy gas-guzzling machines. Batteries are too expensive to constantly replace, and camping at an RV site to “plugin” was out of the question. The ideal scenario would be a portable panel that was so easy to maneuver, it could be moved in seconds to absorb the sun's energy all day long. A couple of prototypes later, I created an incredibly efficient solar system: panels with a completely self-contained solar generator, built-in charge control, and manufactured with the superior quality of German-engineered Bosch cells. Now while you relax in the shade, you can watch your panels bask in the sun, capturing massive amounts of free solar energy.


And that’s how Overland Solar was born.