How to Use My Overland Solar Portable Panel

Each Overland Solar panel comes in a padded nylon case. When you are ready to start capturing free solar energy, all you have to do is take the panel out of the case and unfold the tri-fold system. The Overland Solar panel also comes with built-in legs so the panel is easily angled toward the sun. 

To begin storing this perfect solar energy, simply connect the panels to the “coach” battery using the included clamps. These industrial clamps go negative to negative, positive to positive, and are as simple to use as jump-starting a car battery. Next, select the type of battery you would like to charge (flooded, AGM, Gel) by toggling the button on the charge controller. This is mounted on the back of the panel.  

Now you are silently charging your battery with free power.

It is as simple as unzip, unfold, and ready to go.