Know Your Solar: Adjustability and Portability is Important

Each year, I put thousands of miles on my RV and along my travels I have seen numerous variations of solar installation. I’ve analysed the flaws in the competition and here’s what I’ve determined:

  • Installation is expensive. To have a solar system professionally installed on your camper or RV will cost thousands of dollars.
  • Installation is difficult. Not only do you have to drill holes in the roof, the installer must also run wires along the walls of this tight space. There is an added challenge to make this look cosmetically decent.
  • The panels are permanently flat! Flat is necessary when you are cruising along the interstate, but this is the most inefficient position to collect solar energy throughout the day.
  • Bracket systems to change the angle of these panels are expensive and require extra labor. To use a bracket system you must climb onto the roof of your RV to manually move the panels in position. When it’s time to drive, you have to go back up to the roof and re-adjust the panels. This is not my idea of a relaxing vacation.   

So how does Overland Solar compare?  No installation required, simple to use, and panels are 100% adjustable and portable.