Know Your Solar: The cheapest way to save battery power!

The best investment you can make is throwing any old 12 volt incandescent RV light bulb in the trash and replacing them with LED bulbs. They don’t have to cost 20 bucks each like I paid a couple years ago. I got tired of paying these kinds of prices, and as with everything else on my site, came up with a better quality version I could use myself.

A standard bulb in the RV is taking a whopping two amps from your battery. Considering you have a few lights on at night, this can easily drain your batteries before you even think about the extras like a fan or TV. Our bulbs pull 0.2 (that’s point 2) amps and give off cleaner and brighter warm light. To break that down you can have ten of our bulbs on for the same power as one of the standard lights and they give off far less heat. On top of that our bulbs are rated to last 60,000 hours so when you consider a standard bulb lasts 6,000 hours (if you're lucky), our bulbs cost far less in both money and battery power.