Know Your Solar: Portable Refrigeration

I have had a few emails asking about using portable refrigerators with portable solar. I have some feedback from customers that they run Engle and ARB refrigerators (37L) off battery with my 60 and 90 watt kits with no problems.

I do not have hands-on experience with either fridge but have spoken to the guys at ARB. The power draw is very low and much depends on how warm the outside temperatures are as the compressor kicks on more often. One of my customers in New Mexico uses the 60 watt kit to charge a single 12 volt battery, the fridge; and a couple LED lights run off in summer (shaded) heat. Here is a link to the ARB specs

I do not work for or get anything from them but my customers have only been positive so I am passing it along. If you are in Western Washington, I know Mule Expedition Outfitters stock ARBs as well as Overland Solar kits.