The new Nitecore Headlamps are in!

One of the biggest issues I have had with headlamps is the pathetic light output and quick battery discharge even with my expensive plastic name brand light I used to use.

I tested out the new Nitecore HC90 doing some night hiking and was amazed how bright and wide the beam was. This is a headlamp that actually allows me to safely hike or just navigate after dark which comes too soon this time of year. I have two active dogs (many of you who attend the Overland Expo’s will know). Out at the ranch we have coyote packs, mountain lions, and too many Rattle snakes so when it’s dark, I limit how far I walk them from the cabin. With the Nitecore HC90 it’s nearly daylight with a wide enough 100 degree beam so I can see what’s up ahead even with some thick sage brush and we can walk further with a degree of safety my other name brand headlamp does not come close to providing.

Nitecore makes the lights out of a solid piece of aluminium. The construction and seals are top-notch. The sliding switch on top is intuitive. Each click to the right operates the three colors. Left gives a gradual low to high in one smooth movement. At the high setting, just click it right again for even brighter light (to be honest, I have not really needed it). Even at the lowest 200+ hour settings I still get more light output than my old headlamp that I would never hike with at night.

The HC90 operates on one 18650 battery which I include at no extra cost (Eagletac Panasonic non-Chinese cell). The 3100 and new 3400 maH Eagletac batteries are also options at significant discounts with purchase. The battery itself is rechargeable in a separate quick charger like the Ultra Fire. Or, there is a waterproof port for DIRECT charging from the supplied USB cable. Unlike other headlamps that can only obtain higher lumens and longer runtimes with a heavy battery pack on the back of your head, the Nitecore is a single unit up front. The headband is fully adjustable and very comfortable. I forgot it was on my head tonight when we got back from a walk.

After being so impressed with the HC90 I also tested the HC50. The HC50 is the same size and weight and also operates on the rechargeable 18650 battery but is not directly rechargeable so you need a separate charger like our Ultra Fire. It does not have a blue or green LED but does have two red LEDs. The lumen count is 565 and also has the same 100 degree great beam pattern. The waterproof rubber switch also is simple to operate with half touch increases in brightness like a camera shutter button. The button also gives lit battery level indicator. I also include a high quality 2500 maH Panasonic 18650 rechargeable battery (made in Japan, not China) with every purchase of this headlamp.

Besides my no questions return policy, both headlamps also carry a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. I include 2-day priority shipping and mail out the same day so you have your new headlamp very quick! You will not be disappointed with either of these headlamps.

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