New Overland Solar Inverters

With the complete Overland Solar solar kit and one of these inverters, you now have a complete solution to power your devices on the next short camping trip or the next expedition! After going through more small inverters than I can count that failed within a year, I have had two models made to my specifications. The 600 Watt pure and modified sine wave inverters are both well-made where it matters and are highly efficient.

One of the main irritations when traveling out of the US is the need for multiple outlet adapters so I had this universal socket used to solve the problem. You can directly plug in the standard US two and three prong devices like any inverter but this new design also takes the standard plugs commonly found in Europe, South America, Australia, and Asia. The USB port is actually powerful enough to quickly charge your devices and was not just installed as an afterthought like I have experienced with other inverters.

The modified sine wave inverter is powered by either a 12 volt cigarette connection and direct battery terminal connectors which are BOTH included. The pure sine wave inverter connects directly to the battery terminals and can be mounted where you want it. If you are going to mount it further than the supplied wiring just use the appropriate sized wire.

Most devices run fine on modified sine wave power. I have the modified 600 watt in my camper running the flatscreen tv and DVD player along with a small fan, charging laptop, iPhone, and iPad. All of these units work normally on this modified sine wave. Some electronics don't run well on this power like some HD flatscreens. In the cabin I use the 600 watt pure sine wave inverter for the Vizio TV as it did not work as well on the modified but it is the first time I found something that did not function normally on modified sine wave power.

These inverters are both deeply discounted when added to an Overland Solar kit purchase. Just select the inverter you want in the drop down menu on each kit.

Those are not just promotional prices, just a very good value.

I have also priced both units well below other brands that have failed far too often and as always I stand behind all of my products with a no hassle money back return though I still have yet to have a return on any product.

The inverters ship free in the lower 48 with two or three day priority speed and all other areas have deeply discounted same day shipping!

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Happy Exploring!

See them here