New Waterproof Charge Controllers w/ LED Display

With Spring upon us and folks getting on the road, we have been busy keeping up with the orders. Thank you! We also have the new 28 watt 9x7 fold up kits coming out this week and are excited about these powerful ultra portable chargers. The 150 Watt kits now have an upgraded water and dust proof charge controller built in at no increase in price! As with all my kits, I still use the Landstar brand due to reliability but these are a bit more robust and include a digital display for easier programming. You can now also program 12 volt loads to shut off between 1-14 hours after sunset. 

In addition, the 150 watt kits have a quick connect to the charge controller for a simple bypass. I have had requests to include this option for those who have a larger solar system with a larger charge controller built into an RV, boat, or expedition vehicle. Both the new controllers and quick connect will be included in the 60 and 90 watt kits in the next month!