Recent E-mail Feedback from Stranded Customer

I don't post the e-mails I get but this one may help answer questions about what you can expect from our 90 Watt kit even when stranded with a vehicle failure for over two weeks in a larger set up than most overlanders have (thanks Ed and Meredith for the email and permission to share it).

Dear Brian Wurts,

We purchased the 90 Watt three-panel solar powered system this Spring from you. We are writing to thank you for the panels as they really saved us. We had a transmission failure in our Dodge Ram with which we pull our 25 foot fifth wheel. We were just able to put the fifth wheel in the Gros Ventre Campground in Grand Teton National Park and lurch to the Dodge dealer in Jackson, Wyoming.

Unfortunately, through a series of mishaps, the new transmission did not arrive until 16 days later! The solar panel kept our batteries fully charged and we were able to have heat in the morning, charge all of our electronics and generally keep the fifth wheel running and comfortable for over two weeks. This would have been just impossible with our old, noisy, inefficient and restricted generator. Literally every day we said "Thank goodness, we got that solar panel!"

We had to cut our trip short, but if one is to be stuck, the Grand Tetons are not a bad place. We wound up having a very good time doing short day trips with the loaner car knowing we always had full power in the fifth wheel.

Hope you are having a good summer and thanks again.
Ed and Meredith Parsons