Slowing down and Exploring

On the way back from Overland East in North Carolina, the plan was to drive straight back to Washington. I rarely get sick but the flu changed those plans mid-Kansas. After three days camped on the banks of a lake I decided to go slower and actually take some of the many gravel roads I have no good reason to pass up all the time. Before there was an Overland Solar company, I took the gravel roads all the time, testing different solar options.

Though I am not in my 4x4, I can safely get to many remote locations far away from the established campgrounds I don’t enjoy with the exception of some national park locations. I wanted to post some pictures of the many places I stopped that even larger Class C RV’s can easily get to. I have always driven through Wyoming as fast as possible but am glad I decided to cross through the Bighorn National Forest and then to the Grand Tetons, Jackson, and Yellowstone. The national forests have thousands of well maintained gravel or dirt roads that have as many places to camp with great views at no cost.

The main benefit of our portable solar kit is the ability to camp in shade - by choice or not - and still charge batteries. In Yellowstone, the only option to camp is in the campgrounds. All but two were closed as the first snows were coming. Even without snow, the temps were at freezing and the heater was on constantly, causing the main drain on the house batteries. With my 90 Watt I was able to put it out in the patches of sun at the Yellowstone campsite which is heavily treed and move it a couple times during the day. By sundown I had full batteries for another night of heat, lights, cooking, and of course TV. Lilly seems pretty happy laying in front of the heater as well.

I don’t advertise at all when camping. Nobody wants to be sold something when they are trying to get away. However, the 90 Watt was a conversation starter with folks passing by in the Yellowstone campground with depleted house batteries. I am always happy to help campers fix the battery charging problem to be able to stay in these great places as long as they want. I am glad to see a couple of our 90 watt kits in the campground tonight pointed where the sun will rise as well.