CUSTOMER REVIEW - Overland Solar 120 Watt, 3-Panel Folding Solar Kit

At Overland Solar, we always look forward to hearing back from our customers. Recently we heard from Tom Novak who’s been using the Overlander 120 from our Freedom Series. Here’s what he had to say:

"I've been more than pleased with my purchase of the Overland Solar 120w 3-panel folding solar kit. Brian is really helpful with understanding the ins and outs of his product. He does an outstanding job.

I pull a 25ft travel trailer. We camp in locations here in Minnesota that might or might not have plug in. In the past when we've camped w/o plug in, I've used solar panels purchased years ago to keep the battery charged. They've worked ok but I need to haul along an extra battery on most trips to keep the lights running. Teenagers are part of our trips and they treat the trailer like they're still in our house. To ensure I get both batteries to last, I have replaced all light bulbs with LED's, pulled fuses for the radio, CO detector and fridge fan - and according to the kids, ruthless with rules for how long lights can stay on. 

Since purchasing and using the 120w folding solar kit, all fuses are plugged back in, my 2nd battery sits unused in the bed of my truck - and no more rules. Overland Solar Sunpower Maxeon panels suck every proton and neutron out of sunlight and that makes my trailer battery and me very happy. 

The only concern I've had with the product was the product instructions included in the purchase could have been more thorough. But Brian has addressed that.

There have been no interesting experiences save the pleasant experience of having used a solar panel product that did exactly and completely what it was advertised to do."

Thanks for reaching out Tom! We’re glad to help.

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