Red LED Light

The new red LED bulbs are in. No, they are not just a novelty but have great uses and benefits over white light. I use the red bulbs overhead in my cab, the red light does not kill your eyes at night and there is almost no transition from looking at something inside then back out.

Everyone has turned on a light in the dark only for it to take your eyes a while to adjust. Then you have to go through the whole process when you turn off the lights so you can tune into the road ahead. From driving a dark trail, flying in a small Cessna, or navigating waters at night, at least one bright red light should be a priority.

The new red bulbs are available in 1156, both festoon sizes, and the 1142 which is the standard socket in boats and most private plane cockpits. Changing out the old painted red bulb in the Cessna 180 to the 1142 LED finally gave us the ability to safely see at night and of course there was far less draw on the voltage.